The dog in the photo at the top of each page is of my girl Shyna, who sadly I lost in 2013.  She was generally a fun loving and happy dog but when she was out in the yard, she yapped to the high heavens if she thought something was going on that shouldn’t be.  It didn’t matter if it was on the other side of her fence, she’d let the world know what she thought about it.  It wasn’t always heard, it was often unappreciated, but everyone always knew when she wasn’t impressed with what was going on around her.  Sometimes you’re barking needlessly at a fence, sometimes Timmy gets pulled from the well.  Either way, a dog’s gotta bark.

This is just one opinion of many. Agree? Disagree?  Let me know, comment on the articles, chime in.  Your opinion is welcome, even if you disagree.


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  1. You should cover the story about the GSDS taken Illegally by Indianapolis animal contrrol. I had contacted the folks from piper on their behalf for help, but this story needs told as well.

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  2. Hi Shauna..Can you help me please? I bought a great dane puppy when she was eight weeks old… she’s had nothing but health problems since we got her. She is now 14 weeks and the health problems still on going.. I would be grateful for some advice.


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